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Welcome to Caricatures From Photo, this is my new website dedicated to offering my popular caricature service, illustration, and branding to the online market.  I have been drawing for several years now and have even worked on official Marvel and Archie Comic trading card designs.  If you check out similar Caricature sites that offer the same service, you will most likely see price tags that are hundreds of dollars more than my reasonable price points.  This ability to offer professional art for reasonable prices is one of the reasons that my clients absolutely love my services!

I can draw in various formats including traditional art and digital art.  Looking for single portraits, couples, or groups shots?  That’s not a problem, I’m available for the job.  In order to start all that is needed is a photo reference emailed to me along with a description.  Once completed you’ll receive a hi-res digital file by email that you can print or use online.  Its that simple.  If you prefer to have your art mailed to you then I can ship the original art to you.  If your in the Jacksonville/Camp Lejeune NC. Area then I can come to your event and draw live for you and your guest.

Caricatures make excellent gifts for loved ones and friends.  Having a upcoming birthday, anniversary, wedding, or event?  How about having a caricature made for that special person. They are sure not to forget such a unique gift. If you have a business, blog, or website and you need branding material then this is your one stop shop.  Caricatures are sure to draw in more clients to your business or site.  You can even take it a step further and use caricatures on your business card designs, t-shirts, etc.  The possibilities are endless. Please, don’t hesitate to Contact me if you would like to have a caricature from photo created. Start building your brand in order to explode your level of customer recognition today!

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