Art Process and Refund Policy


*** I will draw up to 3 rough drafts for FREE, anything more then that may cost extra.

*** Once the rough draft (pencil line art sketch) has been approved and inked (finalized), I cannot make changes to the line-art without having to re-draw the image and charging a kill fee. Please be sure to have ALL major corrections to the line art made during the pencil rough draft stage. If its a digital coloring correction then it can be corrected. If its a non-digital coloring correction then I may or may not be able to correct it.

Refund Policy-

1) If you would like to request a refund before the work starts then you will receive a 100% refund.

2) If I draw up to 3 drafts and your still not satisfied with any of them and

would like to request a refund then you’ll receive a 75% refund.

2a) Any more than 3 drafts may incur an additional fee (a “kill fee”) or if you prefer to cancel the art commission then a refund of 50% will be given.

3) After the work is completed and your not satisfied with the art and would like to

request a refund then you will receive a 50% refund or I can try to make corrections

for you. A extra fee may apply depending on how complex the corrections is. If the

drawing needs to be started over from the beginning then a kill fee of 50% of the

total cost will be applied.

**Refunds may take up to 7-14 business days for you to receive.

***Please note- All artwork created is for your personal use only and NOT for commercial use (mass produced and/or resold). If you would like to use the created artwork for commercial use then please notify me 1st. Artwork that will be used for commercial use will cost a bit more then my standard prices. Thank you.

***If you have any questions please contact me: SHERRYLEAK@GMAIL.COM